I have built a 21 Bitcoin Computer “clone”

Two months ago, I decided to buy two Bitcoin ASIC Miners. The reason is quite simple: I am easy to get bored when I have everything prepared and ready to be used. 😴 Particularly if we are talking about technologies and computers. There is no fun if I can’t learn from crafting it, right?

When “The 21 Bitcoin computer” was announced I was surprised to see a Raspberry Pi device with a huge black brick on top of it: an ASIC Chip that mines between 50 and 120Gh/s. Basically it is an “already assembled and configured” device that can mine and be a Bitcoin full node. 👍

Photo from amazon.com

That seems to be an awesome product, for thousands of reasons, but I have decided to not buy it. The reason is not the price (~400$) or the software inside that is pre-compiled by a new company for you. The reason is simple: it would bore me.

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