I have built a 21 Bitcoin Computer “clone”

Two months ago, I decided to buy two Bitcoin ASIC Miners. The reason is quite simple: I am easy to get bored when I have everything prepared and ready to be used. 😴 Particularly if we are talking about technologies and computers. There is no fun if I can’t learn from crafting it, right?

When “The 21 Bitcoin computer” was announced I was surprised to see a Raspberry Pi device with a huge black brick on top of it: an ASIC Chip that mines between 50 and 120Gh/s. Basically it is an “already assembled and configured” device that can mine and be a Bitcoin full node. 👍

Photo from amazon.com

That seems to be an awesome product, for thousands of reasons, but I have decided to not buy it. The reason is not the price (~400$) or the software inside that is pre-compiled by a new company for you. The reason is simple: it would bore me.

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I am running ZeroNet in background on my Mac

Since when I was little, I always loved peer-to-peer technologies… I even tried to create a GNU/Linux distribution based on that. .. but recently I have discovered a brilliant project that is combining the power of asynchronous cryptography, using Bitcoin private and public keys, with BitTorrent technology. This project is called ZeroNet and it is a new and interesting way to provide websites and real-time services in a p2p network.


To join the network and browse the ZeroNet websites, now you have to keep running a python software in one of your terminal. I really hate to keep it opened 24h a day… even if I am nerd enough to love logs. I decided to run an instance of ZeroNet in background on my Mac: every time I turn on my computer, I am updating and seeding content. I feel happy to help this community 👍 Here is how I made it possible. Continue reading I am running ZeroNet in background on my Mac

My Bitcoin Experience: Wallets and Debit Card

I am in the world of bitcoin since 2012 when I opened my first bitcoin wallet on blockchain.info… and a lot of things changed since that moment: new services, growing communities, new alternative crypto currencies, ATMs, Credit-Debit cards, and a larger diffusion of people accepting bitcoin in their shops.

After those two years I can see a better view of what Bitcoin means to me and the innovation behind that technology, including Xapo debit card… and some of my friends are tired of me talking about bitcoins 🙂

How I choose a wallet

Using simple words: the wallet is a collection of addresses and their private keys. The address, that is used to receive the money, is a group of letters and numbers generated by the private key, that is required to send money.

Because you must have the private key of your address in order to sing a transaction, the security level where this value is stored must be high. The default bitcoin client provides a wallet, but is really slow and it must be synchronized and it will take some days…

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Privacy, reti mesh, Bitcoin e fantasie varie

Da un bel po’ di mesi a questa parte, mi sono accorto che il mio atteggiamento nei confronti delle grandi società che gestiscono l’internet “delle masse” è sempre più orientato al lasciarle trattenere una fettina della mia privacy in cambio di servizi gratuiti.


L’ultima novità di Mark Zuckerberg, riguarda uno pseudo-motore di ricerca avanzato. Graph search migliorerà la ricerca dei contenuti sul social network, peccato che ciò significhi anche spingere da una parte l’utente medio a non distaccarsi più da Facebook, dall’altra l’utente più esperto a migliorare ed adeguare le informazioni per ottenere più visite e like… devo documentarmi meglio a riguardo…

Ciò non sarebbe tanto diverso da quello che fa Google, se non che Facebook conosca in modo non anonimo anche quanti peli ho nel naso nel momento in cui faccio una ricerca. La mia privacy ha un peso fondamentale e i TOS non li leggo quasi mai. Per questo ho iniziato a pensare a varie soluzioni a questi problemi

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