My review: Pebble Time

It’s been a long time, and finally, exactly when I forgot about it, my Pebble Time arrived. Because the web is full of people excited to review this product, I decided to wear one for 2 weeks before writing this post… and my review is probably different than the others.

Pebble Time

Pebble time with Super Mario watchfaceDuring these weeks it was nice to have a device on my wrist that is able to do things rather than just do one single and simple thing: showing the time. I have to admit that the Pebble Time is doing it in a great way: all the custom watchfaces created by people from all around the world are just perfect. My favorite one is the Super Mario one, because I am a real nerd and Nintendo fan. 🙂

The packaging that they used for the kickstarter campaign is really minimal: a box with written on “It’s time”. That label was enough to make me happy, that finally it arrived… but after few hours of usage, I realized that all that excitement just started  melting away

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